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Market to Market June 22, 2007 (#3242)

In the News

  • GM to Move Fuel Cell Research from Lab to Production
    (Jun 22, 2007) WARREN, Michigan (AP) - If everything goes right, regular people will be driving hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles in a few test areas across the globe within five or six years, according to a top General Motors Corp official.
  • Tyson Fresh Chicken No-Antibiotics Campaign
    (Jun 22, 2007) NEW YORK (AP) -- Tyson Foods will no longer use antibiotics to raise chicken that is sold fresh in stores and will launch a $70 million advertising campaign to tout the shift, the nation's largest meat producer said Tuesday.
  • Canadian Government Sued by Cattle Farmers Over BSE
    (Jun 22, 2007) TORONTO (AP)--Canadian farmers hard hit by a ban on cattle exports to the United States April 11 sued Canada's federal government, accusing it of negligently allowing bovine spongiform encephalopathy to devastate the cattle industry.
  • Energy Bill Favoring Renewables Passes Senate
    (Jun 22, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats celebrated a step toward reducing U.S dependence on oil as the Senate approved a bill calling for more ethanol and the first boost in gas mileage in decades.