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Market to Market June 29, 2007 (#3243)

In the News

  • Company Makes Ethanol from Corn Cobs
    (Jun 29, 2007) SIOUX FALLS, S.D (AP) - A Sioux Falls-based company says it's been able to produce ethanol from corn cobs.
  • Bald Eagle Removed from Endangered Species List
    (Jun 29, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) - The American bald eagle, a national symbol once almost wiped out by hunters and DDT poisoning, has not only survived but is thriving.
  • Add Seafood to the List of Tainted Chinese Exports
    (Jun 29, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) - Farmed seafood has now joined tires, toothpaste and toy trains on the list of tainted and defective products from China that could be hazardous to a person's health.
  • Japan, U.S. to meet over US beef imports
    (Jun 29, 2007) TOKYO (AP) — Japan and the U.S will hold a two-day technical meeting on U.S beef imports, officials said Monday, amid expectations the talks may pave the way for easing Japan's strict import restrictions.