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Market to Market July 6, 2007 (#3244)

In the News

  • Nutrition Programs Do Little Despite Federal Funding
    (Jul 6, 2007) PANORAMA CITY, Calif (AP) - The federal government will spend more than $1 billion this year on nutrition education - fresh carrot and celery snacks, videos of dancing fruit, hundreds of hours of lively lessons about how great you will feel if...
  • Illinois State University to Introduce Renewable Energy Degree
    (Jul 6, 2007) NORMAL, Ill (AP) - Illinois State University hopes a new degree program catches a wave of jobs expected to rise as the US steers away from fossil fuels.
  • Can Chocolate Each Day Keep the Doctor Away?
    (Jul 6, 2007) CHICAGO (AP) - Here's some good and bad news for chocoholics: Dark chocolate seems to lower blood pressure, but it requires an amount less than two Hershey's Kisses to do it, a small study suggests.
  • Broadband Expansion Slowing
    (Jul 6, 2007) NEW YORK (AP) - The rate of broadband adoption is slowing in the United States, partly because service providers already have grabbed the easiest converts, a study has found.