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Market to Market July 20, 2007 (#3246)

In the News

  • Court Backs EPA on Farm Emissions Rules
    (Jul 20, 2007) DES MOINES (AP) - Farms can't be sued because of the pollution or odors they may emit as long as they have entered into an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.
  • Food and Drink Companies to Limit Advertisements Aimed at Children
    (Jul 20, 2007) NEW YORK (AP) - Eleven of the biggest U.S food and drink companies will adopt new rules to limit advertising to children under the age of 12, a move that restricts ads for products such as McDonald's Happy Meals and the use of popular cartoon...
  • Dead Zone' Growing in the Gulf of Mexico
    (Jul 20, 2007) NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Researchers predict that the recurring oxygen-depleted "dead zone" off the Louisiana coast will grow this summer to 8,543 square miles (22,126 square kilometers) — its largest in at least 22 years.
  • EU Farm Ministers Fail to Approve Use of New Biotech Potato
    (Jul 20, 2007) EU Farm Ministers Fail to Approve Use of New Biotech Potato BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- European Union farm ministers failed to agree Monday on whether to block the cultivation of a genetically engineered potato that environmental groups claim poses...