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Market to Market July 27, 2007 (#3247)

In the News

  • Senators Compromise on Border Security
    (Jul 27, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democrats and Republicans agreed Thursday to devote an additional $3 billion to gaining control over the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Rural Students Outperform City Kids in Science Says Report
    (Jul 27, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) - Rural students perform better in science than their urban counterparts, and rural teachers are generally happy with their schools, a federal study says.
  • Fat May Be Contagious
    (Jul 27, 2007) Los Angeles (AP) - If your friends and family get fat, chances are you will too, researchers report in a startling new study that suggests obesity is "socially contagious" and can spread easily from person to person.
  • Cornfields May Affect Weather Patterns
    (Jul 27, 2007) Having a sweaty summer? It could be the corn. Climatologists are building evidence that crops, particularly corn, are driving up dew points as they put water into the atmosphere through evaporation. They also may make corn-growing areas cooler and...
  • WTO Rules against U.S. in Cotton Dispute with Brazil
    (Jul 27, 2007) GENEVA (AP) The World Trade Organization largely ruled against the United States in an interim decision that it has failed to scrap a series of what the trade body says is illegal subsidies paid out to American cotton growers, U.S and Brazilian...