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Market to Market September 14, 2007 (#3302)

In the News

  • Lawuit Filed Over Immigration Raids
    (Sep 14, 2007) OMAHA, Neb (AP) -- A union representing workers at six Swift & Co meatpacking plants sued federal immigration authorities Wednesday, alleging agents violated the workers' rights during raids by roughly handling even those not suspected of crimes.
  • Judge Rejects Automakers' Bid to Scrap State Emission rules
    (Sep 14, 2007) MONTPELIER, Vt (AP) - Vermont, New York and other states score a victory in their fight to get car makers to comply with rules aimed at reducing global warming.
  • Corps Blamed for Shoddy Everglades Work
    (Sep 14, 2007) WEST PALM BEACH, Fla (AP) — A major Everglades restoration project is stalled because of shoddy work managed by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers on a reservoir that could threaten an interstate and nearby communities if levee walls failed, state...
  • California Winegrowers Go Nearly Nude for Fundraiser
    (Sep 14, 2007) BERKELEY, Calif (AP) — Winegrowers, ranchers and other members of Napa's farming community in California are showing their green thumbs and quite a bit more in hopes of raising money to protect the valley's rich agricultural resources.
  • Past E. coli Outbreaks Did Not Bring About Change in Regulations
    (Sep 14, 2007) Last year's fresh spinach E coli outbreak that killed three people and sickened more than 200 others was not enough to change the way leafy greens are inspected by federal and state health agencies.
  • UK Foot-And-Mouth Same As August Strain
    (Sep 14, 2007) LONDON -- Britain's latest foot-and-mouth outbreak is the same strain as last month's, according to initial test results Thursday that gave farmers hope the disease could be contained in a small region.