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Market to Market September 21, 2007 (#3303)

In the News

  • U.S. Shows Wilingness to Make Concessions on Farm Subsidies in Trade Talks
    (Sep 21, 2007) GENEVA(AP) Breathing life into struggling world trade talks, the United States has signaled its willingness to limit trade-distorting farm subsidies to a level between US$13 billion and $16.4 billion, the WTO's lead farm trade negotiator said...
  • Grocers seek more rules for food imports
    (Sep 21, 2007) (AP) In a rare move, the grocery industry asked Tuesday for more regulation — to ensure that the imported products they sell meet U.S safety and quality standards.
  • Americans Prefer Food Made In U.S.
    (Sep 21, 2007) Des Moines, IA (AP) Americans feel better about buying food produced in the United States than overseas and believe food grown locally is healthier than food shipped from across the country, a new survey shows.