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Market to Market October 26, 2007 (#3308)

In the News

  • Bovine TB Detected In Heifer In Beltrami County
    (Oct 26, 2007) ST. PAUL (AP) ? Another case of bovine tuberculosis in northern Minnesota. The state Board of Animal Health says a heifer from a farm in Beltrami County tested positive for bovine TB. Minnesota has now detected bovine TB in eight beef herds in...
  • Edwards Touts Plan To Preserve Hunting
    (Oct 26, 2007) GLENWOOD, Iowa (AP) – Democrat John Edwards spoke up for hunting and fishing rights Wednesday in a western Iowa town where the vending machine outside a gas station sells live bait instead of soda.
  • Iowa In Top 5 For Likelihood Of Drivers Hitting Deer
    (Oct 26, 2007) MILWAUKEE, WI (AP) -- A study by an insurance company says Iowa is fifth in the nation when it comes to the likelihood of a motor vehicle hitting a deer.
  • Unguarded Paths Challenge Border Patrol
    (Oct 26, 2007) ALBURGH, Vt.(AP) — The United States ends where Blair Road becomes "Chemin 4eme Concession," Noyan, Quebec, but for someone headed north on the gravel road there is nothing to mark the divide other than two unobtrusive signs and a broken down...