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Market to Market November 16, 2007 (#3311)

In the News

  • EPA Targets Fish Farms With Permits
    (Nov 16, 2007) BOISE, Idaho — Federal environmental officials have a new permitting process designed to cut down on pollution that trout farms and other aquaculture producers discharge into the Snake River.
  • Report: Carbon Removal Has Little Impact
    (Nov 16, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) — Only about a third of the climate-damaging carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in North America is offset by carbon removing activities, a government report said Tuesday.
  • UN official warns of ignoring warming
    (Nov 16, 2007) VALENCIA, Spain - The U.N.‘s top climate official warned policymakers and scientists trying to hammer out a landmark report on climate change that ignoring the urgency of global warming would be "criminally irresponsible." Environmentalists and...
  • British Battle Bird Flu Outbreak
    (Nov 16, 2007) REDGRAVE, England (AP) — British supermarkets reassured customers Wednesday that the latest bird flu outbreak would not lead to a Christmas turkey shortage, as the government ordered the slaughter of thousands more birds.