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Market to Market January 4, 2008 (#3318)

In the News

  • 2,000 Travelers Stranded in Colorado by Avalanche Danger
    (Jan 4, 2008) DENVER (AP) – More than 2,000 travelers were stranded at Red Cross shelters in the Colorado high country Monday as a threat of avalanches closed a stretch of Interstate 70 west of Denver.
  • Rain Saves Atlanta From Drought Record
    (Jan 4, 2008) ATLANTA (AP) - This year was almost one for the record books, but then it rained.
  • Strawberry Farmers Brace for Freeze
    (Jan 4, 2008) NEW ORLEANS (AP) — As Louisiana's strawberry farmers covered their crops for protection against the expected drop in temperatures, the state's peach farmers hoped the cold weather would stick around for a while.
  • Study Looks at Costs of Reducing Runoff
    (Jan 4, 2008) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - More than $430 million a year is being spent to reduce farm runoff in Iowa, according to a new study by Iowa State University.
  • Alaskan Sea Drilling Plans Condemned
    (Jan 4, 2008) ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The federal government will open up nearly 46,000 square miles off Alaska's northwest coast to petroleum leases next month, a decision condemned by enviromental groups that contend the industrial activity will harm northern...