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Market to Market March 7, 2008 (#3327)

In the News

  • Tense Negotiations Continue as Farm Bill Approaches Expiration
    (Mar 7, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP)--Congressional negotiations over multibillion-dollar farm legislation are closing in on a March deadline as some members of Congress are tempering expectations back home.
  • Law Makers Want to Know Where Recalled Beef Was Sold
    (Mar 7, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic lawmakers are demanding that the Agriculture Department tell the public which retailers sold meat that was swept up in the nation's largest beef recall.
  • Alabama Farmers Face High Prices and Expenses
    (Mar 7, 2008) MOBILE, Ala - Encouraged by record crop prices in Alabama's farm forecast, growers must find the money to start planting while at the same time avoid being hit with rocketing costs for fuel, fertilizer, seeds and equipment.
  • North Dakota Bests Kansas in Wheat Production
    (Mar 7, 2008) BISMARCK, N.D (AP) — The last time North Dakota led the nation in wheat production, Bill — not Hillary — was the Clinton in the news.
  • Lowly Cockroach Could be a Boon For Farmers
    (Mar 7, 2008) LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) – Loathed by homeowner and restaurateur, the lowly cockroach is gaining some respect in the agricultural community.
  • Pigs Not Pesticides
    (Mar 7, 2008) CLAYTON TOWNSHIP, Mich -- Jim Koan has gone hog-wild in his battle against a beetle that threatens his 120-acre organic apple orchard.