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Market to Market March 14, 2008 (#3328)

In the News

  • Minnesota Considers Boost for Biodiesel
    (Mar 14, 2008) ST PAUL (AP) The state Senate is considering a bill that would mandate the use of 20-percent biodiesel blends by 2015, which worries some environmentalists.
  • Emu Ranchers Struggle to Take Flight
    (Mar 14, 2008) BISMARCK, N.D (AP) — Emu ranchers had hoped the arguably ugly birds with useless wings would take flight in agribusiness.
  • Bush Sets Deadline for Farm Bill
    (Mar 14, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush is urging Congress to keep current farm law for another year if lawmakers can't agree by April on a new bill to extend farm and nutrition programs — a possibility given that congressional negotiations have stalled.
  • Pilgrim's Pride to Close Seven Facilities
    (Mar 14, 2008) NEW YORK (AP) - Pilgrim's Pride Corp said Wednesday it will close a chicken-processing plant and six distribution centers and lay off 1,100 workers because of soaring feed costs and a glut of chicken.
  • U.S. Beekeepers Stung by Hive Heists
    (Mar 14, 2008) HERALD, Calif (AP) - Third-generation beekeeper Roscoe Hall spent the last year fretting over a disease that's inexplicably caused thousands of his industrious insects to abandon their colonies.
  • Biomass Could Heat Schools
    (Mar 14, 2008) ST ANSGAR, Iowa (AP) — Officials in this northern Iowa town are considering using biomass to heat school buildings throughout the district.