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Market to Market April 4, 2008 (#3331)

In the News

  • N.J. Farmers: Cut Pork, Not Ag
    (Apr 4, 2008) TRENTON — Protests at the state Capitol are nothing new, but demonstrators normally don't use tractors, hay bales, Christmas trees and farm animals to get their point across.
  • Truckers Protest Fuel Prices
    (Apr 4, 2008) TRENTON, N.J (AP) — Independent truckers around the country pulled their rigs off the road and others slowed to a crawl on major highways in a loosely organized protest of high fuel prices.
  • Grant Awarded to Save Wheat From Fungus
    (Apr 4, 2008) SYRACUSE, N.Y (AP) — Wheat is among the planet's most important food crops, but it has a natural enemy that can turn the crop into a black tangle of broken stems.
  • Rural Communities Hit by Foreclosures
    (Apr 4, 2008) MERCED, Calif (AP) — The end came in a blink outside the Merced County courthouse. Only six people showed up for the foreclosure auction, Janice Pimentel and her son Nick included. By chance, the Pimentels' dairy farm was the first property offered.