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Market to Market April 11, 2008 (#3332)

In the News

  • Council Approves Salmon Fishing Ban
    (Apr 11, 2008) SEATAC, Wash (AP) — West Coast fisheries managers voted Thursday to cancel all commercial salmon fishing off the California and Oregon coasts this year.
  • Higher Cigarette Taxes Could Promote Smuggling
    (Apr 11, 2008) NEW YORK (AP) — The big cigarette tax increases that many states are instituting to balance their out-of-whack budgets are raising fears that the trend will make black-market smokes more profitable and lead to more cigarette smuggling.
  • Federal Restrictions Hit Minnesota Livestock
    (Apr 11, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — New federal restrictions meant to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis may force the state's livestock producers to spend more time and money shipping their cattle and bison out of state.
  • Slaughterhouse Worker Wants Charges Dropped
    (Apr 11, 2008) CHINO, Calif (AP) — A lawyer for a man caught on video dragging sick cows and shocking them at a Southern California slaughterhouse has asked a judge to dismiss criminal charges against his client, arguing that he bears no liability for the...
  • Raw Milk Demand Grows Despite Concerns
    (Apr 11, 2008) NEW HOLSTEIN, Wis (AP) — Despite serious health risks, demand for unpasteurized, or raw, milk appears to be growing.
  • No Surge of Food-Borne Illness in 2007
    (Apr 11, 2008) ATLANTA (AP) — Americans didn't suffer more food poisoning last year despite high-profile outbreaks involving peanut butter, pot pies and other foods.
  • Corps Builds Up Sandbars to Help Shorebirds
    (Apr 11, 2008) VERMILLION, S.D (AP) -- Dozers and tractors are at work here to prepare a summer beach home for two birds on the endangered species list.