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Market to Market May 23, 2008 (#3338)

In the News

  • USDA Bans Downer Cows
    (May 23, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP) — Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer announced Tuesday a total ban on the slaughter at meat plants of cows too sick or weak to stand.
  • Proposed Coal Plant Pits Economy vs. Navajo Belief
    (May 23, 2008) BURNHAM, N.M (AP) - In a corner of the Navajo Nation burdened by old and heavily polluting coal-fired power plants, it matters little to many tribal elders that another facility promises to be the most efficient and cleanest of all.
  • South Korea Says US Has Formally Recognized Seoul's Right to Suspend Beef Imports
    (May 23, 2008) SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - The United States has formally recognized South Korea's right to suspend American beef imports if mad cow disease breaks out in the country, a top trade official said Tuesday.
  • Washington Farmers Hit Hard by Floods Return to Markets
    (May 23, 2008) CURTIS, Wash (AP) — Flats of broccoli, cabbage and onions are ready for planting at Boistfort Valley Farm, where just five months ago, much of Mike Peroni's farm was buried under a foot of mud.
  • Conference Promotes Renewable Fuel
    (May 23, 2008) A Nobel Prize-winning scientist says the United States has far to go in using renewable energy such as wind, but it may be less than 10 years away from converting grass and plant stems to fuel.