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Market to Market June 13, 2008 (#3341)

In the News

  • Corn Jumps to Record Highs on Midwest Floods
    (Jun 13, 2008) NEW YORK (AP) — Corn prices climbed further into record territory Thursday after more rain doused the Midwest, leaving flooded corn crops deeper underwater and threatening livestock owners who depend on the grain to feed their herds.
  • Mexico Tomato Growers Say Warning Unfair
    (Jun 13, 2008) MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican growers and their government on Wednesday called a U.S warning against certain types of their tomatoes unjust, saying it has brought exports to a halt and could cripple Mexico's $900 million industry.
  • Livestock Disease Investigation Expands in Montana
    (Jun 13, 2008) BILLINGS, Montana (AP) – Montana livestock officials are expanding their investigation into a brucellosis infection on a Paradise Valley ranch to determine if cows from neighboring herds contracted the disease.
  • Hong Kong Slaughters All Market Poultry
    (Jun 13, 2008) HONG KONG (AP) — Health officials ordered the slaughter of all live poultry in Hong Kong's street markets on Wednesday after detecting one of the largest outbreaks of the bird flu virus in years.
  • Farm Aid Group Growing
    (Jun 13, 2008) EUREKA, S.D (AP) — The sight of volunteers from around the country planting soybeans amid the ruins of Damian and Martha Kappenman's farm brought tears to the eyes of the owners.
  • Trade Deficit Is the Highest in 13 Months
    (Jun 13, 2008) Washington (AP) - The trade deficit increased to the highest level in 13 months in April as America's bill for foreign crude oil soared to a record high.
  • Energy Department Expects Gas To Peak at $4.15 a Gallon
    (Jun 13, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP) — Gasoline prices should peak at $4.15 a gallon this summer, the government says — finally an encouraging word for motorists who might be thinking the cost of a fill-up will just keep climbing.