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Market to Market July 11, 2008 (#3345)

In the News

  • U.S. Agriculture Secretary Confident Meat is Safe
    (Jul 11, 2008) SCHUYLER, Neb (AP) — The U.S agriculture secretary expressed confidence in the nation's food safety system, but said the meat processing industry will always face challenges because the bacteria that animals carry evolves.
  • USDA to Name Retailers During Recalls
    (Jul 11, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP) — Consumers may be told if their local grocery store got tainted meat during a recall under a new policy announced Friday by the Agriculture Department.
  • Poultry Producers Hope to Scratch Out Higher Profits
    (Jul 11, 2008) NEW YORK (AP) - Shares of chicken producers soared Thursday after the U.S Department of Agriculture reported data showing the industry is taking more steps to cut production - a move analysts said could lead to higher chicken prices and better...
  • Cargill Breaks Ground on New Chicago Plant
    (Jul 11, 2008) CHICAGO (AP) - Agriculture conglomerate Cargill has broken ground on a $22 million manufacturing plant that will make soybean-based "polyols." The Minnetonka, Minnesota-based company says its new Chicago facility will be the first large-scale...
  • Slaughter Begins in California Dairy Herd Exposed to TB
    (Jul 11, 2008) FRESNO, Calif (AP) — More than 4,800 dairy cows at risk of carrying tuberculosis are being slaughtered this week in central California, where nearly 16,000 cattle in the country's largest milk-producing region have been quarantined, federal...