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Market to Market August 22, 2008 (#3351)

In the News

  • Commodities Slump Won't Mean Lower Food Prices
    (Aug 22, 2008) NEW YORK (AP) -- As prices for crude oil and other commodities ease, consumers have gotten a small dose of relief at the gas pump.
  • Amish Population Nearly Doubles in 16 Years
    (Aug 22, 2008) LANCASTER, Pa (AP) -- The Amish are expanding their presence in states far beyond Pennsylvania Dutch country as they search for affordable farmland to accommodate a population that has nearly doubled in the past 16 years, a new study found.
  • NYC Mayor Spins Back His Turbine Idea for City
    (Aug 22, 2008) NEW YORK (AP) -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg is backing off his suggestion to put windmills on city bridges and rooftops after newspapers mocked the idea with photo illustrations of turbines on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.
  • More Farm Deaths in Heat Despite California Crackdown
    (Aug 22, 2008) RAISIN CITY, Calif (AP) -- California, the nation's leader in heat-related deaths among farmworkers, sought to turn that trend around three years ago with a new law aimed at ensuring people toiling in sweltering fields had such basics as a water...
  • Wisconsin Cranberry Crop Second-Largest on Record
    (Aug 22, 2008) LA CROSSE, Wis (AP) - Wisconsin's cranberry crop is expected to be the second-largest harvest on record this fall.
  • Indiana Ramps Up Its Control Efforts Against Kudzu
    (Aug 22, 2008) INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- A fast-growing vine that's left parts of Indiana beneath tangles of greenery is coming under assault as the state ramps up its efforts to kill the leafy invader.
  • Researchers Try Veggie Oil to Clean Up Toxic Spill
    (Aug 22, 2008) YAKIMA, Wash (AP) -- Researchers at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site last year injected 5,000 gallons of molasses into the soil to try to clean up toxic groundwater near the Pacific Northwest's largest waterway.