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Market to Market October 3, 2008 (#3405)

In the News

  • Ethanol Producers Learn Downside of Hedging
    (Oct 3, 2008) SIOUX FALLS, S.D (AP) - Ethanol companies, including the nation's second largest producer, are learning some difficult lessons about the downside of commodities hedging.
  • Everglades in Decline as Restoration Lags
    (Oct 3, 2008) WEST PALM BEACH, Fla (AP) — A multibillion-dollar effort to restore Florida's Everglades has made little progress amid funding shortfalls, bureaucratic red tape and disagreements, according to a congressionally mandated report that warns the vast...
  • Judge Rules Against Bird Waste Injunction in Oklahoma
    (Oct 3, 2008) TULSA, Okla (AP) — A federal judge has denied Oklahoma's request for a preliminary injunction to stop 13 Arkansas poultry companies from disposing of bird waste in the Illinois River watershed.
  • Cranberry Farms Go High-Tech to Meet High Demand
    (Oct 3, 2008) WARRENS, Wis - Until this fall, workers at Nodji Van Wychen's cranberry farm sorted fruit with the same wooden technology used by her grandfather.
  • One Big Pumpkin
    (Oct 3, 2008) SPICER, Minn (AP). - The heaviest pumpkin on record in the state of Minnesota was grown in a small pumpkin patch in rural Spicer.