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Market to Market November 14, 2008 (#3411)

In the News

  • Energy Agency Warns of Impending Supply Crunch
    (Nov 14, 2008) HOUSTON (AP) -- More than a trillion dollars in annual investments to find new fossil fuels will be needed for the next two decades to avoid an energy crisis that could choke the global economy, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.
  • Washington State Wineries Seek Status for Grapes
    (Nov 14, 2008) YAKIMA, Wash (AP) -- Several wineries and vineyard owners in Eastern Washington are banding together to lobby for a specific wine-grape growing region northwest of Yakima.
  • US Appeals Court Hears Arguments in ND Hemp Case
    (Nov 14, 2008) ST PAUL, Minn (AP) -- An attorney for two North Dakota farmers argued they should be able to grow industrial hemp under state regulations without fear of federal criminal prosecution.
  • Florida Water Board approves New Everglades Deal
    (Nov 14, 2008) WEST PALM BEACH, Fla (AP) -- The board of the South Florida Water Management District has approved changes to a deal to buy U.S Sugar Corps' land in the Everglades.
  • Former CEO of Iowa kosher slaughterhouse arrested
    (Nov 14, 2008) CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — A former executive of a kosher slaughterhouse that was the site of one of the nation's largest immigration raids was arrested Friday on a bank fraud charge and ordered jailed until at least next week.