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Market to Market November 28, 2008 (#3413)

In the News

  • Animal Rights Group Video Captures Turkey Abuse
    (Nov 28, 2008) LEWISBURG, W.Va (AP) -- Global poultry grower Aviagen Inc said Wednesday it has suspended a supervisor and would investigate a video released by an animal rights group that appears to show horrific abuse of turkeys at the company's West Virginia...
  • Farmers Work to Preserve Ancient Turkey Breeds
    (Nov 28, 2008) UPPERVILLE, Va (AP) -- At Ayrshire Farm, hundreds of Midget White and Bourbon Red turkeys move in a feathered, gobbling mass on a wind-swept pasture overlooking Virginia's horse country.
  • Urban Growers Go High-tech to Feed City Dwellers
    (Nov 28, 2008) POMONA, Calif (AP) -- Terry Fujimoto sees the future of agriculture in the exposed roots of the leafy greens he and his students grow in thin streams of water at a campus greenhouse.
  • Think Thanksgiving is Tough? Cook for 4,400 Mouths
    (Nov 28, 2008) ANNAPOLIS, Md (AP) -- If you think preparing Thanksgiving dinner is a chore, take a moment to imagine the culinary muscle required to feed more than 4,000 hungry U.S Naval Academy midshipmen.
  • Kansas Feedyards See Sharp Decline in Cattle
    (Nov 28, 2008) WICHITA, Kan (AP) -- At a time when the consumer appetite for beef is waning amid the economic downturn, the number of cattle going into feedlots in Kansas and across the nation also has taken a steep dive.