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Market to Market December 5, 2008 (#3414)

In the News

  • Customers Stew as Kosher Meat Gets Scarce
    (Dec 5, 2008) MIAMI (AP) — Rabbi Moishe Silverman stood taking inventory of a meat freezer at South Florida Kosher, the supermarket and butcher shop where he works.
  • U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increase
    (Dec 5, 2008) WASHINGTON (AP) — The amount of U.S greenhouse gases flowing into the atmosphere, mainly carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, increased last year by 1.4 percent after a decline in 2006, the Energy Department reported Wednesday.
  • Residents Sue Missouri Hog Farm over Odors
    (Dec 5, 2008) LAMAR, Mo.(AP) - More than 30 southwest Missouri residents have sued a nearby hog farm, claiming odors from the farm are damaging their health and way of life.
  • Last Year's Harvest Saves Texas' Meager Pecan Crop
    (Dec 5, 2008) FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - Texas' pecan crop is one of the smallest in years, but that doesn't have to stop people from gobbling pecan pie or giving away festive tins of the salty treats this holiday season.
  • Canada Hauls US to WTO Over Beef & Pork Rules
    (Dec 5, 2008) GENEVA (AP) — Canada filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization on Tuesday over a new U.S law that requires retailers to provide country-of-origin labeling for fresh beef and pork, officials said.