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Market to Market January 9, 2009 (#3419)

In the News

  • Tyson Foods CEO Resigns
    (Jan 9, 2009) MILWAUKEE (AP) — Tyson Foods Inc said Monday that its president and chief executive, Dick Bond, will step down immediately and be replaced by a former CEO as the world's largest meat processor continues to weather a downturn in the industry.
  • Peanuts Making a Comeback
    (Jan 9, 2009) VICKSBURG, Miss (AP) - Nearly a century after farmers in the South were persuaded by George Washington Carver and others to cultivate their lands for peanuts to replenish the soil with life-giving nitrogen, the crop is front and center as an...
  • Continental Airlines Uses Biofuel on Test Flight
    (Jan 9, 2009) Continental Airlines Inc ratcheted up the race to develop alternate fuel for passenger planes Wednesday as it successfully flew a Boeing 737 twin-engine jet powered partly by algae and weed.
  • USDA Taking Applications for Cattail Eradication
    (Jan 9, 2009) Federal wildlife officials are taking applications from farmers who want the government to remove cattail-infested wetlands, the preferred habitat of sunflower-snacking blackbirds.
  • Goat Milk Drug Could Be "Baah-d" for Blood Clots
    (Jan 9, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — You've heard of making cheese from goats' milk, but prescription drugs?
  • Researchers Focus on Bringing Missing Bees Back
    (Jan 9, 2009) STATE COLLEGE, Pa (AP) — Scientists in the field and the lab are trying to solve a mystery critical to the future of American agriculture: Why are honeybee hives failing at a disturbingly high rate?
  • Lasers May Help Save Farm Water
    (Jan 9, 2009) LOS ANGELES (AP) — Seventy-six years after the invention of the modern sprinkler helped revolutionize farming, lasers may revolutionize it again.