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Market to Market January 16, 2009 (#3420)

In the News

  • US, EU Escalate Dispute Over Ban on Hormone Beef
    (Jan 16, 2009) GENEVA (AP) - The United States announced changes Thursday to trade sanctions it applies on European goods, prompting Brussels to accuse Washington of escalating a 13-year-old beef dispute and threaten new legal action.
  • Bankers Survey Suggests Threats to Farm Income
    (Jan 16, 2009) OMAHA, Neb (AP) - High farm expenses and lower crop prices will be the biggest threats to farm income in the year ahead, according to bankers in 11 Midwest and Plains states.
  • US Credibility Seen at Risk Over South Korea Trade Deal
    (Jan 16, 2009) SEOUL, South Korea - Congressional rejection of a free trade deal with South Korea would damage U.S efforts to free up global commerce, the head of a top U.S business lobby said Thursday.
  • Cattle Die as Texas Drought Worsens
    (Jan 16, 2009) LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) — Drought conditions in Texas are so bad cattle are keeling over in parched pastures and dying.
  • Feds Expand Peanut Butter Probe
    (Jan 16, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is expanding its investigation of peanut products in a salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds and killed at least six, consumer groups briefed on the matter said Friday.
  • Obama Getting Cheesy Inauguration Gift From France
    (Jan 16, 2009) PARIS (AP) — Barack Obama has a pungent and politically charged inauguration gift coming his way from France.
  • Groups Sue EPA Over Change in Farm Emissions Rule
    (Jan 16, 2009) FRESNO, Calif (AP) — Six environmental groups have sued the U.S Environmental Protection Agency Thursday over a new rule exempting dairies and other large-scale livestock operations from having to alert officials when toxic emissions are released.
  • First US Count Finds 1 in 200 Kids are Vegetarian
    (Jan 16, 2009) New Jersey (AP) - Sam Silverman is co-captain of his high school football team -- a safety accustomed to bruising collisions.