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Market to Market January 23, 2009 (#3421)

In the News

  • 125-Plus Products Recalled in Peanut Outbreak
    (Jan 23, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 125 products have been recalled in a salmonella-and-peanuts investigation that keeps getting bigger, federal health officials said Wednesday.
  • ND 2008 Corn Estimate Could Be Off by Millions
    (Jan 23, 2009) BISMARCK, N.D (AP) — The federal government's estimate of North Dakota's 2008 corn production includes millions of bushels of grain that are covered by snow and might never end up in farmers' bins.
  • California Farmers Curb Planting to Cope with Drought
    (Jan 23, 2009) SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Some of the nation's largest farms plan to cut back on planting crops this spring over concerns that the drought plaguing California will cause federal water supplies to dry up.
  • Most New Yorker's Don't Want 'Fat Tax' on Soda
    (Jan 23, 2009) (AP) - Most New Yorkers are balking at Gov David Paterson's proposal to impose a "fat tax" on sugary drinks, but an even larger majority wants millionaires to hand over a bigger share of their earnings to the tax collector, according to a new poll.
  • Two Condemned to Death for Role in China Milk Crisis
    (Jan 23, 2009) SHIJIAZHUANG, China (AP) — A Chinese court sentenced two men to death and a dairy boss to life in prison for their roles in producing and selling infant formula tainted with melamine, a deadly industrial chemical added to watered-down milk to fool...
  • Greek Farmers Maintain Blockades
    (Jan 23, 2009) ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greek farmers maintained highway blockades in several parts of the country after the agriculture minister on Wednesday failed to meet their demands for stronger government support.
  • Oil Prices Baffle Traders
    (Jan 23, 2009) NEW YORK (AP) — The government reported by midweek that oil inventories had soared, suggesting a serious dent in demand; there were horrible housing and jobless numbers Thursday and to end the week there was talk that OPEC couldn't cut...