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Market to Market February 6, 2009 (#3423)

In the News

  • Agriculture Census Shows Growing Diversity in Farming
    (Feb 6, 2009) WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2009 – The number of farms in the United States has grown 4 percent and the operators of those farms have become more diverse in the past five years, according to results of the 2007 Census of Agriculture released today by...
  • Senate Softens 'Buy American' Provision in Stimulus Bill
    (Feb 6, 2009) Senate softens 'Buy American' provision in stimulus bill WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has softened — but declined to remove — a protectionist measure that has drawn strong criticism from major U.S trading partners.
  • Alternative Energy's Banner Year Ends with a Clang
    (Feb 6, 2009) DENVER (AP) — As the United States became the world leader in wind power, venture capitalists poured money into alternative energy projects until the recession hit in October, drying up investments and stalling projects.
  • USDA Puts Employees on Leave Amid Drug Allegations
    (Feb 6, 2009) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The U.S Department of Agriculture has placed 19 employees at a laboratory campus in central Iowa on paid leave after allegations that some used veterinary credentials to purchase low-cost medications for themselves and...
  • Riot Police Tear Gas Greek Farmers
    (Feb 6, 2009) ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Police fired tear gas and clashed with hundreds of protesting farmers for a second day Tuesday, Feb.
  • Eggs Go Green
    (Feb 6, 2009) VACAVILLE, Calif (AP) -- Sorry Sam I Am, hip eggs these days aren't just green.