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Market to Market February 13, 2009 (#3424)

In the News

  • Peanut Company Owner Refuses to Testify
    (Feb 13, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP)- See the jar, the congressman challenged Stewart Parnell, holding up a container of the peanut seller's products and asking if he'd dare eat them.
  • Texas Recalls All Items From Plant Over Salmonella
    (Feb 13, 2009) AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas has ordered a recall of all products ever shipped from a now-closed Peanut Corp of American plant in Plainview amid a nationwide salmonella outbreak.
  • Iowa Probes Plant That Employed Mentally Retarded
    (Feb 13, 2009) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - State inspectors have shut down a building that housed mentally retarded men brought from Texas to work in a West Liberty turkey processing plant.
  • China Expects Good Harvest Despite Drought
    (Feb 13, 2009) BEIJING (AP) - Farmers will likely still bring in a good harvest this summer despite the worst drought to hit China's wheat-growing region in five decades, a top agricultural official said Thursday.
  • Farm Worker Programs Debated as US Economy Sours
    (Feb 13, 2009) YAKIMA, Wash (AP) - John Wyss had just been hired at one of the nation's largest apple growers in 2005 when the company couldn't find enough workers.
  • US Farm Sales to Cuba Rise
    (Feb 13, 2009) HAVANA (AP) - Cuba spent a record $710 million on U.S farm imports last year, a 61 percent increase over 2007, as hurricanes destroyed much of the country's farms, a leading trade research group said Wednesday.