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Market to Market February 27, 2009 (#3426)

In the News

  • EPA Says Farm Dust Requires Regulation
    (Feb 27, 2009) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Nothing says summer in Iowa like a cloud of dust behind a combine.
  • Wages for Farm Workers Drop
    (Feb 27, 2009) MILWAUKEE (AP) — The average wage for agricultural workers in the Upper Midwest has dropped 70 cents an hour in the past year.
  • Missouri Files Suit Over River Diversion
    (Feb 27, 2009) JEFFERSON CITY, Mo - The battle over access to Missouri River water took a new twist Tuesday as Missouri sued the federal government to halt the planned diversion of river water to northwestern North Dakota.
  • Wisconsin Offers Tax Credits for Dairy and Meat Processors
    (Feb 27, 2009) MILWAUKEE (AP) - Wisconsin is looking to expand its dairy and meat processing industries with two new tax credit programs included in a state budget bill approved last week.
  • New Regulations Sting Citrus Growers Who Seek to Ban Bees
    (Feb 27, 2009) FRESNO, Calif (AP) —California agriculture officials proposed new regulations Wednesday that call for beekeepers and seedless tangerine growers to work out disputes on their own over where the insects can be in relation to citrus groves.
  • Montana Horse Slaughterhouse Bill Moves Forward
    (Feb 27, 2009) HELENA, Mont (AP) — The Montana House of Representatives strongly endorsed a bill that paves the way for construction of a horse slaughterhouse in Montana and aims to bring the industry back to the United States.
  • Criminal Charges Mulled in Missouri Grain Seizure
    (Feb 27, 2009) MARTINSBURG, Mo (AP) — Linus Rothermich took a trucking company owner at her word when she promised to later pay him for nearly $200,000 in grain delivered to feedlots and storage elevators across Missouri.