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Market to Market April 3, 2009 (#3431)

In the News

  • Midwesterners Hope to Find Cash for Flood Fixes
    (Apr 3, 2009) FARGO, N.D (AP) -- Still soggy from surging floodwaters, weary residents and elected officials in the Midwest already are clamoring to bulk up the region's patchwork flood control system - hoping that they won't be so dependent on sandbags and...
  • Biden Says Federal Stimulus Aid Begins Flowing to Help Rural Communities Cope with Bad Economy
    (Apr 3, 2009) FAISON, N.C (AP) -- About $1.8 billion in federal stimulus money was released Wednesday to help strengthen rural communities by supporting loan guarantees and loosening credit for small-town home buyers, Vice President Joe Biden said.
  • Califorina Firm Plans to Turn Iowa Cobs into Ammonia
    (Apr 3, 2009) Des Moines, Iowa (AP) - A San Francisco-based company plans to build a plant in central Iowa where it will produce anhydrous ammonia fuel and fertilizer from corncobs and other biomass.
  • Obama Signs Bill Protecting Wilderness Acreage
    (Apr 3, 2009) Washington (AP) - President Barack Obama has signed legislation that sets aside more than 2 million acres as protected wilderness.
  • Budget Forces Florida Everglades Deal to Shrink
    (Apr 3, 2009) TALLAHASSEE, Fla (AP) -- Gov Charlie Crist's celebrated $1.34 billion deal to buy 180,000 acres of U.S Sugar Corp land to help restore the Everglades is being scaled back by more than half because the state can't afford the original deal, the...
  • Water Wars Leave Northern Colorado Farmers Dry
    (Apr 3, 2009) WIGGINS, Colo (AP) -- Many farmers in this northern Colorado plains region are struggling to keep their crops irrigated and stay afloat as they find themselves on the wrong side of state water rules dating back to the 19th century.