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Market to Market April 17, 2009 (#3433)

In the News

  • Germany Bans Genetically Modified Corn
    (Apr 17, 2009) BERLIN (AP) - Germany on Tuesday banned a genetically modified strain of corn that the European Union has deemed safe for planting.
  • Robots on the Farm
    (Apr 17, 2009) CAMBRIDGE, Mass (AP) — These gardeners would have green thumbs — if they had thumbs.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cows
    (Apr 17, 2009) WAUSAU, Wis (AP) — The U.S dairy industry wants to engineer the "cow of the future" to pass less gas, a project aimed at cutting the industry's greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020.
  • Audit Recommends Ending Ethanol Subsidies in Minnesota
    (Apr 17, 2009) ST> PAUL, Minn (AP) - A report by the legislative auditor says lawmakers should consider ending state ethanol subsidies in favor of promoting programs designed to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Brazil's Breadbasket Teeters With Economic Meltdown
    (Apr 17, 2009) FATIMA DO SUL, Brazil (AP) - A year ago, Brazil's breadbasket saw what resembled a gold rush as farmers scrambled to increase acreage amid record demand for soy.
  • Peanut Industry Wants Help Too
    (Apr 17, 2009) WASHINGTON – The battered peanut industry has a new message: Peanuts are safe to eat, and there's a law in the works to make them even safer.