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Market to Market April 24, 2009 (#3434)

In the News

  • Lawsuit Alleges Missouri Tannery Caused Brain Tumors
    (Apr 24, 2009) CAMERON, Mo (AP) — A tannery in northwest Missouri was accused in a lawsuit Wednesday of contaminating farmland with a chemical that caused brain-tumor cases in the town of Cameron.
  • California Approves Nation's First Low-Carbon Fuel Mandate
    (Apr 24, 2009) SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – California air regulators on Thursday adopted a first-in-the-nation mandate requiring low-carbon fuels, part of the state's wider effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • California Farmers Get Slight Drought Relief
    (Apr 24, 2009) FRESNO, Calif - Farmers in California's drought-stricken agricultural basin finally will get a meager supply of federal water to nurture their crops this summer.
  • Montana Biodiesel Company Owes Farmers $1.2 Million
    (Apr 24, 2009) BILLINGS, Mont (AP) _ A Montana biodiesel company that has received more than $1.6 million in grants and loans from the state and a regional economic development corporation owes farmers in Montana and North Dakota $1.2 million for crops grown last...
  • Electricity Providers Say Plan Would Raise Prices
    (Apr 24, 2009) WASHINGTON – Consumers will face higher electricity prices if Congress passes a global warming bill without giving utilities some allowances to emit greenhouse gases, electricity providers warned Thursday.