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Market to Market May 1, 2009 (#3435)

In the News

  • Ranchers Slog Through Snowy, Chilly Spring
    (May 1, 2009) CHEYENNE, Wyo (AP) -- Snowy, soggy, chilly weather has taken a severe toll on sheep and cattle across the northern Great Plains this spring.
  • To Keep Warming Low, Deeper Pollution Cuts Needed
    (May 1, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) -- If the world is going to limit global warming to just a few degrees, it has to slash carbon dioxide pollution much more than now being discussed, two new science studies say.
  • Gov't Revokes Rule Limiting Species Protections
    (May 1, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal agencies again will have to consult with government wildlife experts before taking actions that could have an impact on threatened or endangered species.
  • US Farmers, Ranchers Push for Greater Cuba Access
    (May 1, 2009) NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The farm lobby is using President Barack Obama's easing of some travel restrictions to Cuba as an opportunity to push for increased sales of rice, meat, vegetables and other goods to the island nation.
  • Brazil Slave Labor Complaints Rise, Mostly Linked to Sugarcane Production
    (May 1, 2009) RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- Reports of debt slavery reached record numbers in Brazil last year, and most of the cases were connected to the nation's booming sugarcane ethanol sector, according to a report released Wednesday by a watchdog group.
  • WHO: It's Not "Swine Flu" It's H1N1
    (May 1, 2009) GENEVA (AP) -- The World Health Organization announced Thursday it will would stop using the term "swine flu" to avoid confusion over the danger posed by pigs.