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Market to Market May 29, 2009 (#3439)

In the News

  • Labor Department Suspends Farm Worker Rules
    (May 29, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — The Labor Department on Friday suspended a regulation adopted shortly before President George W Bush left office that would have made it easier for farmers to bring in foreign workers.
  • New FDA Chiefs Stress Science, Better Food Safety
    (May 29, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — The huge salmonella outbreak from peanut butter represented a failure of the Food and Drug Administration, that agency's new chiefs declared Tuesday — one they hope to fix.
  • Texas Firm That Housed Disabled Faces Iowa Fines
    (May 29, 2009) IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A Texas labor contractor that employed and cared for dozens of mentally disabled men who worked at an eastern Iowa meatpacker faces $900,000 in state fines for alleged labor-law violations.
  • Used Cafeteria Oil Could Power Alabama School Buses
    (May 29, 2009) From Mystery Meat to Biodiesel Fleet: Used Oil from Cafeterias Might Power Alabama School Buses MONTGOMERY, Ala (AP) -- Alabama's school children might one day ride to-and-from campus in buses that are powered with cooking oil leftover from making...
  • LA County Says Ok to Couple's Goats, Llama, Emu
    (May 29, 2009) LOS ANGELES – A Southern California couple will not be allowed to have 15 goats.
  • Many Kansas Harvesters Not Going to Oklahoma or Texas
    (May 29, 2009) HUTCHINSON, Kansas (AP) — Drought and a freeze have hurt the wheat crop in Oklahoma and Texas, cutting down on work for custom harvesters from Kansas who make a living off following the trail of ripening wheat.
  • North Dakota Hay Suffers from Weather Loses
    (May 29, 2009) BISMARCK, N.D (AP) — North Dakota ranchers are trying to rebound from a string of disasters: Drought last year shriveled their pastures and hayland followed by heavy winter snow, then spring flooding that turned roads and fields to mud.