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Market to Market June 5, 2009 (#3440)

In the News

  • U.S. Pork Industry Baffled by Bans in China, Russia
    (Jun 5, 2009) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Continued bans on U.S pork imports by China, Russia and more than a dozen other countries have baffled government and industry officials, leading some to speculate that the issue is more about market share than health...
  • Two Florida Farms Agree to Pay Tomato Pickers More
    (Jun 5, 2009) MIAMI (AP) -- Two Florida farms have decided to participate in a deal to increase the wages of the state's tomato pickers in an agreement with a farmworker advocacy group and upscale Whole Foods Market, the grocery chain announced Thursday.
  • UN Report: Nature Best Controls Climate Gases
    (Jun 5, 2009) AMSTERDAM (AP) -- Nature's way is best for controlling the gases responsible for climate change, the U.N Environment Program said in a report Friday.
  • Nebraska Cattle Herd Tests Positive for Bovine TB
    (Jun 5, 2009) LINCOLN, Neb (AP) -- Nebraska and federal officials are trying to find out whether bovine tuberculosis has spread from a herd of beef cattle in north-central Nebraska's Rock County.
  • Film Offers Troubling View of U.S. Food Industry
    (Jun 5, 2009) NEW YORK -(AP) - The new documentary "Food, Inc." begins with idyllic scenes of American farmland, panning from golden fields of hay to a solitary cowboy rounding up a herd of cattle.
  • Proposed Beverage Taxes Face Stiff Opposition
    (Jun 5, 2009) Washington » A push for new taxes on soda, beer and wine to help pay for Americans' health care is stirring up more than just the beverage industry.
  • Feds Release California Plan to Protect Chinook Salmon
    (Jun 5, 2009) SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Federal regulators on Thursday released a court-ordered plan to help struggling chinook salmon that includes opening California dams and restricting pumping, prompting howls of protest from state officials because it will...