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Market to Market June 12, 2009 (#3441)

In the News

  • WHO Announces H1N1 Pandemic Has Begun
    (Jun 12, 2009) GENEVA (AP) -- Swine flu is now formally a pandemic, a declaration by U.N health officials that will speed vaccine production and spur government spending to combat the first global flu epidemic in 41 years.
  • Research Suggests Winds Dying Down
    (Jun 12, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — The wind, a favorite power source of the green energy movement, seems to be dying down across the United States.
  • 32 Herds Quarantined Because of Bovine TB Fears
    (Jun 12, 2009) OMAHA, Neb (AP) — Concerns about bovine tuberculosis have led to the quarantine of 32 cattle herds with about 15,000 adult cattle in north-central Nebraska, officials said Thursday.
  • Sunflower Growers Get Insurance Against Low Prices
    (Jun 12, 2009) BISMARCK, N.D (AP) — The federal government is expanding an insurance program for sunflower farmers — two years after almost killing it — in a move that could help protect growers against fluctuating prices and low crop yields.
  • Texas Firm Disputes Treatment of Disabled Workers
    (Jun 12, 2009) GOLDTHWAITE, Texas (AP) — The co-owner of a Texas business that hired out dozens of mentally disabled workers to work in turkey processing plants in Iowa says the firm didn't violate labor laws.
  • Ethiopian Scientist Wins World Food Prize
    (Jun 12, 2009) WASHINGTON -- An Ethiopian scientist who has helped to feed hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa has won this year's World Food Prize.