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Market to Market July 3, 2009 (#3444)

In the News

  • Top Administration Officials on Rural Tour This Summer
    (Jul 3, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is dispatching top administration officials and Cabinet members on a "rural tour" this summer to explore ways to strengthen rural America.
  • EU Agency Reconfirms Safety of Monsanto GM Corn
    (Jul 3, 2009) BRUSSELS, June 30 (Reuters) - Europe's leading food safety agency paved the way on Tuesday for the EU to renew its authorisation for a genetically modified maize made by Monsanto, the only biotech crop commercially grown in Europe.
  • Biden Announces Rural Broadband Funding in PA
    (Jul 3, 2009) WATTSBURG, Pa (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden outlined a $4.7 billion loan and grant program Wednesday to develop the infrastructure needed to deliver broadband, or high-speed, Internet access to areas that are underserved or without access.
  • White House Announces New Lighting Standards
    (Jul 3, 2009) Washington (AP)- President Barack Obama sought to keep the focus on climate change legislation and show quick action on energy Monday by talking up his administration's new national efficiency standards for lamps and lighting equipment.
  • Tart Cherry Crop Expected to Jump About a Third
    (Jul 3, 2009) WAUSAU, Wis (AP) — What a difference a year makes for growing cherries.
  • Great Lakes Wolves Returning to Endangered List
    (Jul 3, 2009) TRAVERSE CITY, Mich (AP) -- The federal government on Monday agreed to put gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region back on the endangered species list - at least temporarily.
  • 12 Hospitalized in Connection with E. Coli in Beef
    (Jul 3, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — At least 12 people, two of them suffering kidney failure, have been hospitalized in connection with a possible E coli outbreak in beef suspected of having sickened people in nine states, federal health officials said Wednesday.