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Market to Market July 17, 2009 (#3446)

In the News

  • European Union Subsidies Stray From The Farm
    (Jul 17, 2009) Follow this link to a copyrighted New York Times article which reports on the dispersal of farm subsidy money in the European Union.
  • Hunts Organized To Kill Pythons In Everglades
    (Jul 17, 2009) MIAMI (AP) — U.S Sen Bill Nelson called Tuesday for organized hunts of thousands of pythons believed to be living in the Everglades to kill the snakes and prevent potential attacks.
  • House To Vote On Saving Wild Horses From Slaughter
    (Jul 17, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's wild horses would be protected from slaughter and given millions more acres to roam under legislation moving toward passage Friday in the House.
  • Exxon makes first big investment in biofuels
    (Jul 17, 2009) Houston (AP) Exxon Mobil Corp said Tuesday it will make its first major investment in greenhouse-gas reducing biofuels in a $600 million partnership with biotech company Synthetic Genomics Inc to develop transportation fuels from algae.
  • Rural Air Travel Subsidies Gain Big Budget Boost
    (Jul 17, 2009) WASHINGTON — A much-criticized subsidy for rural air travel would get a budget increase of more than 40 percent under a spending bill unveiled in the House on Monday.
  • New Mexico Company To Develop Hydrogen Power Plant
    (Jul 17, 2009) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M -- A New Mexico-based energy technology company says it plans to develop what it calls the world's first utility-scale, zero-emissions hydrogen power plant.
  • Illinois Peach Harvest Looks Steady Despite May Storm
    (Jul 17, 2009) ST LOUIS -- Sara Lipe glanced at her southern Illinois peach orchard after winds topping more than 100 mph tore through in May and felt dread in the pit of her stomach.