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Market to Market July 24, 2009 (#3447)

In the News

  • Minimum Wage Hike Could Threaten Jobs
    (Jul 24, 2009) ATLANTA (AP)- A federal minimum-wage increase that takes effect today could prolong the recession, some economists say, by forcing small businesses to lay off the same workers that the pay hike passed in better times was meant to help.
  • California Needs to Think Small to Save Water
    (Jul 24, 2009) FRESNO, Calif — By investing in water-saving technology, California's drought-burdened farmers could save enough water annually to fill four times over a reservoir that Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger supports building, according to a report released...
  • G-8 Pledge to Get a Deal Meets Reality of Negotiators Struggling to Make Process
    (Jul 24, 2009) GENEVA (AP) — The G-8's pledge to complete a new global trade pact by the end of next year has been met with caution and skepticism by negotiators who have seen a string of similar promises fail to deliver over the last eight years.
  • Judge Dismisses Major Portion of Oklahoma Poultry Lawsuit
    (Jul 24, 2009) TULSA, Okla (AP) — Oklahoma can't pursue monetary damages in its environmental lawsuit against a dozen Arkansas poultry companies because it didn't name the Cherokee Nation as a plaintiff, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in a major blow to the state.
  • Predators Battle Bugs, Become Pests Themselves
    (Jul 24, 2009) SAN FRANCISCO — Imported insects have been deployed as foot soldiers in the fight against invasive bugs and plants that cause billions of dollars in damage each year.
  • Vermont Panel Hears From Dairy Farmers
    (Jul 24, 2009) MONTPELIER, Vt - With milk prices nearly half of what they were a year ago, dairy farmer Jack Brigham of St Albans estimates he's losing between $5,000 and $7,000 a month.
  • Cattle Rustling on the Rise in Oklahoma
    (Jul 24, 2009) MIDWEST CITY, Okla (AP) — Agriculture officials say cattle rustling is rising in Oklahoma and they blame the economy and the ease with which cattle can be stolen and sold.
  • Japan Suspends Shipments From Kansas Company
    (Jul 24, 2009) TOKYO (AP) — A Kansas meat packer that fought U.S authorities to test its entire herd for mad cow disease was hit with a suspension by Japan this week for shipping banned animal parts.