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Market to Market July 31, 2009 (#3448)

In the News

  • House Passes Far-reaching Food Safety Bill
    (Jul 31, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) – The House passed a far-reaching food safety bill Thursday in the wake of the recent outbreak of salmonella in peanuts that killed at least nine people.
  • Diversification Keeps Ag Operations Going
    (Jul 31, 2009) WOLF CREEK (AP) — Zack Wirth realized more than 15 years ago that the economics of ranching would not let him make a living on his ancestral home, a scenic slice of Montana tucked in the Rocky Mountains between Helena and Great Falls.
  • USDA Will Aid Struggling Dairy Farms
    (Jul 31, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — The Agriculture Department is helping struggling dairy farmers by raising the price paid for milk and cheddar cheese through a dairy price support program.
  • Mobile Slaughterhouse Assists in Trend to Locally Killed Meat
    (Jul 31, 2009) LOMPOC, Calif (AP) — The end of the line for cattle raised at Elizabeth Poett's spread on the Central Coast used to come at an inland slaughterhouse after a five-hour drive crammed in a trailer with other spooked animals.
  • USDA Fires Iowa Laboratory Workers
    (Jul 31, 2009) DES MOINES, Iowa — Federal officials have fired some employees and reprimanded others at a central Iowa laboratory campus after allegations that veterinary credentials were used to purchase low-cost medications for themselves and relatives, a USDA...
  • Fed Grant Funds to Ease Calif. Water Shortages
    (Jul 31, 2009) Fed grant funds to ease Calif water shortages By GARANCE BURKE (AP) – 8 hours ago FRESNO, Calif — Federal agencies have pledged to send nearly $60 million in grants to help California communities, farms and dairies suffering from ongoing water...
  • Lawmaker Slams Plan for Kansas Biothreat Lab
    (Jul 31, 2009) > WASHINGTON (AP)- A Homeland Security Department plan to move foot-and-mouth disease research from an island off New York to Kansas is a "foolish tempting of fate," the head of a House oversight panel said Thursday.
  • Farmers See Prices Tank for Carbon Credits
    (Jul 31, 2009) BISMARCK, N.D (AP) - Farmers enrolled in a program that rewards them for reducing greenhouse gasses are finding the market for their carbon credits has shrunk amid the recession and uncertainty about climate legislation being crafted by Congress.