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Market to Market August 14, 2009 (#3450)

In the News

  • ExxonMobil Pleads Guilty to Killing Birds
    (Aug 14, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) - Exxon Mobil Corp. pleaded guilty to killing migratory birds in five states, and will pay about $7,000 for each bird killed, Justice Department officials said Thursday.
  • California Wildfires Force Thousands from Homes
    (Aug 14, 2009) DAVENPORT, Calif. (AP) - Crews battling wildfires across California are getting more manpower and some help from Mother Nature after the blazes forced thousands of people to leave their homes in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Oklahoma. Attorney General Takes on Poultry Industry
    (Aug 14, 2009) TAHLEQUAH, Okla. (AP) - It's hard to picture the crystal-clear Illinois River that Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson remembers from his youth, how he could look to the bottom and spot a dime, no matter how deep the water.