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Market to Market September 25, 2009 (#3504)

In the News

  • Nelson Joins Other Senators on Biofuel Legislation
    (Sep 25, 2009) OMAHA (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson has joined several other Midwest senators in introducing federal legislation they say is aimed at protecting the region's biofuels industry.
  • Planned Emission Cuts Still Mean Far Hotter Earth
    (Sep 25, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) Earth's temperature is likely to jump six degrees between now and the end of the century even if every country cuts greenhouse gas emissions as proposed, according to a United Nations update.
  • Meatpacker Used "Downer" Cows for Four Years
    (Sep 25, 2009) By GILLIAN FLACCUS Associated Press Writer A Southern California meatpacking plant that supplied beef to the nation's school lunch program slaughtered stumbling, potentially contaminated cows for four years before undercover video of animal abuse...