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Market to Market October 9, 2009 (#3506)

In the News

  • 4H Sparks Science Achievement in Children
    (Oct 9, 2009) BOSTON (AP) -- American universities have an ally in their efforts to educate more students in science, technology and engineering and keep the nation competitive in the global economy, a Tufts University study released Wednesday shows.
  • Ag. Secretary: Dairy Industry Must Restructure
    (Oct 9, 2009) BATH, S.D. (AP) -- The struggling U.S. dairy industry must be restructured to avoid cycles of boom and bust, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Monday, less than a week after Congress announced a $350 million dairy bailout.
  • Senate Sends Agriculture Spending Bill to Obama
    (Oct 9, 2009) WASHINGTON (AP) — Dairy farmers suffering from low milk prices would benefit from $350 million in emergency funding approved by the Senate on Thursday as it cleared a $121 billion agriculture spending bill for President Barack Obama's signature.
  • Farm Workers Push for Unionization in Washington State
    (Oct 9, 2009) PASCO, Wash (AP) — Margarito Martinez says he was fired from the eastern Washington dairy that employed him for more than a year because he tried to unionize the company.
  • Jobs Lost as Chicken Processing Plants Close
    (Oct 9, 2009) ATHENS, Ala. — A chicken processing plant owned by Pilgrim's Pride Corp. is shutting down this week after almost six decades, putting more than 600 people out of work and creating ripples that will be felt all over town.
  • Officials in Oklahoma and Kansas Plan Emergency Exercises
    (Oct 9, 2009) OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — State officials in Oklahoma and Kansas are planning an emergency exercise to test interstate coordination in case of a "stop livestock movement" order.
  • Canada Takes US to WTO Over Cattle and Hog Labeling
    (Oct 9, 2009) OTTAWA (AP) -- Canada is asking the World Trade Organization to intervene in a dispute with the United States over cattle and hog exports.