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Market to Market March 5, 2010 (#3527)

The Obama Administration gives USDA's budget a boost. Questions are raised over how much water the Federal government really controls. Secretary Vilsack works to balance conservation and agriculture in Rural America. Market analysis with Alan Brugler. (24:44)

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In the News

  • Study: Food-Borne Illnesses Cost US $152 Billion
    (Mar 5, 2010) Yakima, WA (AP) - A new report authored by an Ohio State University professor estimates food-borne illnesses cost the U.S $152 billion each year in health care and other losses.
  • Dow AgroSciences Plans $340 million Research Expansion
    (Mar 5, 2010) INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Dow AgroSciences announced Thursday that it plans a $340 million expansion of its research operations in Indianapolis and potentially will add about 580 workers in the coming years.
  • EU Urged to Reject 3 New Biotech Crops
    (Mar 5, 2010) BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — Environmental groups appealed to the European Union on Monday to reject applications from the biotech industry to approve one newly engineered potato variety and two corn crops.
  • Suit Seeks to Bar Genetically Modified Sugar Beets
    (Mar 5, 2010) PHILOMATH, Ore (AP) — Organic farmers fear this year's spring breezes will be carrying pollen from genetically altered sugar beets, which they say could render their crops worthless, and they hope to persuade a federal judge this week to halt the...
  • Russia Sees Progress in US Poultry Imports
    (Mar 5, 2010) MOSCOW (AP) - A top Russian medial official says Moscow and Washington have achieved some progress in talks on U.S poultry imports.
  • Corn Growers say Food Inc. Should Not Win Oscar
    (Mar 5, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) -- The corn industry is lashing out at an Oscar-nominated documentary that has grossed out grocery shoppers, saying the film is unfair to many of the nation's farmers and shouldn't win.