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Market to Market May 7, 2010 (#3536)

House Agriculture Committee members begin the arduous task of writing the next Farm Bill. An explosion on a Gulf Coast oil rig creates an environmental nightmare for the petroleum industry. The Crave Brothers Dairy relies on innovation to produce more milk and weather economic storms. Those stories and market analysis with Alan Brugler. (27:44)

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In the News

  • Lettuce Sold in 23 States Recalled Due to E. Coli
    (May 7, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) — A food company is recalling lettuce sold in 23 states and the District of Columbia because of an E coli outbreak that has sickened at least 19 people, three of them with life-threatening symptoms.
  • U.S. Apple Growers Seek Bigger Bite of Hybrid Market
    (May 7, 2010) ALBANY, N.Y (AP) -- Can saucy tactics give an edge to an American apple industry that's been growing since the days of the Pilgrims?
  • Rich Farmers Get Most Cash
    (May 7, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lawmakers crafting a sweeping farm bill in 2008 promised it would cut government payments to wealthy farmers.
  • Agencies Pledge to Curb Abuse of Child Farmworkers
    (May 7, 2010) NEW YORK (AP) -- Year after year, to little avail, activist groups have been urging bolder federal action to curtail the health risks and exploitation endured by the legion of children who labor on America's farms.
  • Study: Growing More Veggies Could Profit Midwest
    (May 7, 2010) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The Midwest is known more for growing corn than cauliflower, but if its farmers raised the fruit and vegetables eaten in the Heartland, they could create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in income, according to a...
  • Wisconsin Legalization of Raw Milk Seen as Benchmark
    (May 7, 2010) MADISON, Wis — Proponents of unpasteurized milk hope a victory in "America's Dairyland" will encourage other states to legalize sales and make it more available nationwide.