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Market to Market June 4, 2010 (#3540)

The Secretary of Agriculture outlines Obama Administration plans to rejuvenate the rural economy. And a pioneer in alternative fuel production explains why regulatory barriers threaten the future of ethanol. Those stories and market analysis with Sue Martin. (27:47)

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In the News

  • Feds Back Off Plan to Take Vermont Farm
    (Jun 4, 2010) MONTPELIER, VT (AP)— Sen Patrick Leahy says the Department of Homeland Security will close a border station in Vermont rather than expand it by seizing a dairy farmer's land.
  • Corn Syrup Sees Sour U.S. Sales
    (Jun 4, 2010) CHAMPAIGN, IL (AP)— Fans of natural foods have tried for years to push the ubiquitous sweetener high fructose corn syrup off Americans' dinner tables and out of their restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Michelle Obama Calls on Top Chefs to Inspire Kids
    (Jun 4, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) -- School lunches that are good for kids - and that kids will actually eat?
  • Vermont Slaughterhouse Workers Charged with Cruelty
    (Jun 4, 2010) MONTPELIER, Vt (AP) - Two Vermont men are facing animal cruelty charges for their roles at a slaughterhouse that was ordered closed last fall because calves were being mistreated.
  • Florida Tomato Farmers Have Surplus Despite Cold Snap
    (Jun 4, 2010) MIAMI (AP) -- Just months after a cold snap in Florida killed many tomato plants and sent supermarket prices skyrocketing, farmers have an unexpected surplus and prices have plummeted.