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Market to Market June 25, 2010 (#3543)

The Environmental Protection Agency puts the brakes on increased blends of ethanol. In a case with widespread implications for agriculture, the Supreme Court rules in favor of Monsanto. And we'll examine prospects for La Nina with Climatologist Elwynn Taylor. Those stories and market analysis with Erin Golly and Virgil Robinson. (27:46)

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In the News

  • Low Prices Put Damper on Kansas Wheat Harvest
    (Jun 25, 2010) WICHITA, Kan (AP) -- Dismal prices at country elevators that still have much of last season's crop left in storage have put a damper on this year's winter wheat harvest in Kansas.
  • Grocery Closings Leave Rural Residents Few Options
    (Jun 25, 2010) TURKEY, Texas (AP) -- Craig Chancellor tried everything he could, but last November he finally closed the Turkey General Store, leaving the small Texas Panhandle town without a grocery.
  • Immigrant Farm Workers' Challenge: Take Our Jobs
    (Jun 25, 2010) SAN FRANCISCO – In a tongue-in-cheek call for immigration reform, farm workers are teaming up with comedian Stephen Colbert to challenge unemployed Americans: Come on, take our jobs.
  • Farmers Call For Federal Probe of Dairy Industry
    (Jun 25, 2010) MADISON, Wis (AP) -- Dairy farmers large and small from all over the country urged federal regulators Friday to investigate their industry and help determine why the prices that they're paid for milk aren't keeping pace with what consumers are...