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Market to Market August 6, 2010 (#3549)

Commodity prices rally, despite private estimates of record U.S. corn and soybean production. BP makes progress in the Gulf, but a hypoxic area known as the "Dead Zone" continues to grow. Despite agreeing to the largest civil rights settlement in U.S. history more than a decade ago, thousands of black farmers are still waiting to see the money. Market analysis with Tomm Pfitzenmaier. (24:46)

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In the News

  • California Company Recalls 1M Pounds of Ground Beef
    (Aug 6, 2010) MODESTO, Calif (AP) -- A meat processor recalled about 1 million pounds of ground beef products Friday after seven people were sickened by E.
  • Russia Bans Grain Exports Amid Severe Drought
    (Aug 6, 2010) MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia banned grain exports for the rest of the year on Thursday after a severe drought and wildfires destroyed 20 percent of its wheat crop.
  • U.S. Farmers Hope to Soon Sell More Corn to China
    (Aug 6, 2010) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- China could be about to increase its corn imports, offering American farmers a chance for greater profits but making it likely U.S meat producers who use the grain for feed would have to raise their prices.
  • Senate Passes Bill to Make School Lunches Healthy
    (Aug 6, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pizzas and hamburgers in the school lunch line would be healthier under child nutrition legislation passed by the Senate Thursday, a key part of first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to end childhood obesity.
  • Chefs Seek Payment for Virgin Oils' Phony Purity
    (Aug 6, 2010) SANTA ANA, Calif (AP) -- A group of prominent California restauranteurs and chefs, including a contestant from Bravo's "Top Chef" reality competition, has sued olive oil distributors and retailers over a study that found many of the oils were not...