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Market to Market August 27, 2010 (#3552)

A steer cloned from a previous winner is named 4H Grand Champion at the Iowa State Fair. Project Liberty, a cutting-edge biofuels plant begins its first large-scale cellulosic feedstock harvest. An outbreak of salmonella sickens thousands, prompting the largest egg recall in U.S. history. Market analysis with Jamey Kohake. (27:50)

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In the News

  • Ranchers Differ on Benefit of New Antitrust Rules
    (Aug 27, 2010) FORT COLLINS, CO (AP)— Meatpackers, feeders and hundreds of ranchers from around the country packed a workshop Friday to voice concerns about a proposed federal rule that aims to preserve competition in an industry increasingly dominated by a...
  • Judge Allows Challenge to Wild Horse Roundups
    (Aug 27, 2010) BILLINGS, Mont (AP)- A federal judge has ruled that advocates can pursue a lawsuit challenging government roundups of the wild horses in southern Montana.
  • Bill in California Would Help Farmworkers Form Unions
    (Aug 27, 2010) SACRAMENTO, CA (AP)— The temperature was nearly 100 degrees as 17-year-old Maria Vasquez Jimenez pruned grapes for nine hours at a vineyard near Stockton in California's Central Valley.
  • Scientists: We've Cracked Wheat's Genetic Code
    (Aug 27, 2010) LONDON (AP)— British scientists have decoded the genetic sequence of wheat — one of the world's oldest and most important crops — a development they hope could help breed better strains of the global food staple.
  • Ousted Worker Sherrod Rejects Return to USDA
    (Aug 27, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) — Shirley Sherrod, ousted from the Agriculture Department during a racial firestorm that embarrassed the Obama administration, rejected an offer to return to the USDA on Tuesday.
  • Southern Farmers Say Disaster Aid Plan Failed Them
    (Aug 27, 2010) MINNEAPOLIS, MN (AP)— The permanent disaster aid program in the 2008 Farm Bill was intended to spare Congress from having to scrape up extra money every time a drought, flood or hurricane struck farm country, but growers in the South claim the...