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Market to Market October 1, 2010 (#3605)

In Washington, farm laborers employ a high-profile comedian to make their case. At the pump, new research reveals older cars and alternative fuels really can mix. And in the city, a snack food company uses an innovative campaign to put a face on the American farmer. Those stories and market analysis with Sue Martin. (27:44)

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In the News

  • White House Gives Out $60,000 For Healthy Apps
    (Sep 30, 2010) WASHINGTON — The White House is giving out $60,000 to University of Southern California students and other contest winners who created phone apps to encourage exercise and healthy eating.
  • Water Deals Drying Up Arkansas River Land
    (Sep 30, 2010) PUEBLO, Colo — Deals transferring water out of agriculture eventually could dry up one-third of the historically irrigated land in the Arkansas River basin, according to a newspaper's analysis.
  • States Expand Efforts To Combat 'Funny Honey'
    (Sep 30, 2010) RALEIGH, N.C — You might call them the Honey Police — beekeepers and honey producers ready to comb through North Carolina to nab unscrupulous sellers of sweet-but-bogus "funny honey." North Carolina is the latest state to create a standard that...
  • VeraSun Drops Repayment Request From Farmers
    (Oct 1, 2010) SIOUX FALLS, S.D (AP) -- Midwest corn farmers who received official letters from bankrupt ethanol producer VeraSun Energy Corp.
  • EPA: Illinois Should Crack Down On Farm Pollution
    (Oct 1, 2010) CHICAGO — The U.S Environmental Protection Agency says Illinois isn't tough enough in preventing water pollution generated by factory farms.
  • Child Nutrition Bill Stalls In House
    (Oct 1, 2010) WASHINGTON — First lady Michelle Obama's campaign for healthier school lunches has stalled in Congress after anti-hunger groups and more than 100 Democrats protested the use of food stamp dollars to pay for it.
  • Log Cabin ‘Natural’ Syrup Maker Relents On Color
    (Sep 30, 2010) MONTPELIER, Vt -- Under fire in maple syrup country, the maker of Log Cabin All Natural Syrup said Tuesday it's getting rid of the product's caramel coloring in response to complaints by producers of the real thing.