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Market to Market October 29, 2010 (#3609)

Counting down to the midterm elections, the stakes are high for rural America. Commodity prices are on the rise and USDA predicts food prices will follow in 2011. And a 3rd generation dairy producer capitalizes on a steady source of labor by going robotic. Those stories and market analysis with Darin Newsom. (27:47)

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In the News

  • Shuttered Texas Food Plant awaits Results From FDA
    (Oct 29, 2010) SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- The results of tests done at a Texas food processing company that was shuttered by state health authorities after contaminated celery was linked to four deaths will likely come next week, a Food and Drug Administration...
  • Farmers Try to Boost Sales by Landing on Big Menus
    (Oct 29, 2010) CHAMPAIGN, Ill (AP) -- Ted Higginbottom was happy to see a dish heavy on peanuts this week on the menu at an Asian chain restaurant, but he said the Mandarin Kung Pao didn't land there by chance.
  • More Working Families Getting Government Food Aid
    (Oct 29, 2010) HONOLULU (AP) -- Lillie Gonzales does whatever it takes to provide for three ravenous sons who live under her roof.
  • Hands Off Our Potash! Canadians Wary of Merger Bid
    (Oct 29, 2010) SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (AP) -- The federal government is to announce whether a Canadian company that controls more than 25 percent of the world's supply of a potash can be taken over by a foreigner.
  • Vertical Farm' Envisions Tall Future for Farming
    (Oct 29, 2010) DETROIT (AP) -- A new book by an urban agriculture visionary aims to change the way people think about farming, offering a look into a future where city skyscrapers - not rural fields - produce the world's food.